WESTECH and JEC - A Perfect Match! Custom engineered and manufactured buckets for ANY and ALL makes of Shovel Dippers, Excavators and FEL's

In 2004 Austin Engineering aquired John's Engineering & Cranes Pty Ltd, one of Australia's longest established manufacturers of Mining and Earthmoving attachments. JEC designs and Westech engineering and manufacturing experience now provides the mining industry with a strong line of buckets - a perfect match for our Westech custom mining truck bodies.


Shovel Dipper Buckets

Customized LARGE bucket designs manufactured by Austin Engineering exceeds 250 buckets

Face Shovel & Excavator Buckets

JEC has designed and delivered over 200 customized mining excavator buckets since 2007. More than 90 of these buckets are of a capacity greater than 29 M3 - the majority of these buckets are working in iron ore operations that are highly abrasive.

Front End Loader Buckets

Westech designs and manufactures wheel loader buckets from 1.5m3 to 40m3 with capacities to suit every OEM make and model. Available for any application from hard rock to coal, and a range of designs including large capacity lightweight, high lift, stemming, high dump, skeletal and grapple. Our JEC and Westech "Killer Bucket" designs are customised for specific applications and to meet OEM specifications such as static tipping load and dump clearance. Our engineers capacity match bucket weight and material density resulting in faster cycle times for your site.




Face Shovel Bucket for Caterpillar 6060FS

Full FEA done on all buckets

Custom Liner packages for FEL buckets