Westech cable handlers can be mounted on any chassis, allowing your operator to quickly and safely pick up or lay down cable at your minesite.

reel with cable placement arm

Westech Loader Mounted Cable Reel with Hydraulic Cable Placement Arm

Westech offers a cable handling arm for our loader mounted cable reels. This arm allows your operator to accurately place the cable as it is being laid down.



Westech loader mounted cable reel

Loader Mounted Cable Handlers

Loader mounted cable reels are designed to safely and efficiently pick up, lay down and store cable in and around any mining or construction project. Up
to 2,000 feet of 4” diameter cable can be neatly rolled onto one or several heavy-duty steel spools using WESTECH’s unique “Level Wind System”. The cable reel easily adjusts to various diameters of cable and still allows room for couplers.

Cable can be quickly and safely payed out over pit high walls, along haul roads and around pit floors, with reduced manpower and less exposure to potential safety hazards and personal injury. Westech Cable Handlers are equipped with a disc brake for additional safety and convenience.





Cable handlers can be ordered with interchangeable cable spools to eliminate double handling and allow for easy cable rotation and a convenient storage system. Additional options are also available.


A hydraulic pressure relief valve system ensures that the cable reel line pull will never exceed the cable manufacturer’s recommendations. This advantage, coupled with the fact that cable is no longer dragged over abrasive surfaces, can add years of life to your cable.


All cable handler controls are located in the operator’s cab with quick-read instructions and international symbols for ease of operation.


In addition to the pressure relief valve system and limiting cable tension, WESTECH Cable Reels also are equipped with an adjustable Level Wind Speed Control for different diameters of cable. These two standard features assist in proper winding of the cable.