At WESTECH, we have supplied the mining world with new and replacement truck bodies since 1969. We custom engineer a body that will meet or exceed all of your requirements and expectations to fit your mining operations.

Our 165,000 square foot Casper, Wyoming facility is able to accommodate truck body sizes up to 400 tons or more. WESTECH is truly a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of truck bodies, shipping bodies to all parts of the world, such as Mongolia and Africa.

WESTECH quality starts with our close working relationship with all the major steel mills, using the best steel available for every WESTECH Truck Body. Each design uses a combination of steel plate to maximize structural strength and increase wearability based on the environment it will be operating in. WESTECH’s fabrication process is monitored and documented at all stages, ensuring you the highest quality WESTECH Custom Mining Truck body.


WESTECH's Flow Control Body® [Patent Pending] has a revolutionary new floor design that keeps the center of gravity of the load forward of the rear axle longer while in the dump cycle, reducing material surge as the load leaves the truck bed. The flow of material is controlled, eliminating lift at the front of the truck, making the truck much safer with increased stability.

Safety and stability are not the only benefits of the new design. The new Flow Control Body® [Patent Pending] feeds a more even flow of material to the crusher, increasing crusher life and efficiency, and greatly reducing dust generated at the stilling shed. WESTECH's 793 Flow Control Body® [Patent Pending] is a combo body design that works equally well in both coal and overburden, greatly increasing a truck's capabilities.




The Flow Control® [Patent Pending] has three distinct floor angles.