Improved Stability

Westech's innovative baffle design has improved the effects of surging and gives you increased stability and operator confidence.

Low Maintenance

Westech's unique internal baffle design provides high section modulus (engineering measurement of strength) leading to fewer leaks over time. The corrugated internal baffles give the tank significantly greater strength, while reducing weld damage due to weld-on components breaking loose during water surge. The tank’s sump design assures ease of pump priming, tank cleaning and draining.

Improved Safety

In addition to front access ladders, optional stair systems are available from the truck deck to the front of the tank. Tank access is ergonomic and safe because of the access stairway. A water dam ensures that any overfill flows away from the cab and deck to the rear of the tank.


"Others talk about safety - WESTECH designs safety"


Looking into the Future of Water Tanks

WESTECH's new Stairway Access Water Tank has taken safety and stability to a new level. Starting with the wide safe stairway access and WESTECH's patented horizontal baffles, eliminating the need for internal ladders. All baffled areas of the tank are accessed through large inline doorless manways, which leaves the interior open and safe as well as provides added ease of inspection and maintenance.

Inspecting and maintenance can now be more easily performed on a regular basis, increasing the life of the tank. The Stairway Access Water Tank has a capacity of up to 84,000 gallons and is exceptionally stable, increasing operator confidence in all mine conditions.

WESTECH offers a complete list of standard features along with many options, including a computerized ground speed water distribution system that prevents over-watering.

The WESTECH Stairway Access water tank makes safer work of all haul road maintenance needs.